Sexiest Fantasies to Try with an Escort 

When it comes to sexual encounters with an escort, the truth is the world is your oyster, but if you don’t highlight a particular fantasy, you could be missing a truly steamy experience.

One of the benefits of hiring an escort is that you can experiment with fantasies without any awkwardness or hesitation. So let’s inspire you with some of the sexiest fantasies. 

A Threesome

This is at the top of most people’s lists, and for a good reason. Because it’s sizzling hot. Imagine the pleasure you get from one escort but doubled. Rather than choosing just one beautiful escort, you get to choose two and have them both give you attention simultaneously. What could be more thrilling than a threesome


Men are usually the dominant sex, so it can be a huge turn on when someone else takes control. The great thing about this fantasy is there are many forms of submissive play, so you can start small and turn up the heat as and when you wish. It could be something as simple as being tied up during foreplay or blindfolded during sex. 

Role Play 

Perhaps your fantasy is specific, involving a character, dressing up or some role play? This is a fun one to try because you can use any number of outfits and props to bring your fantasy to light. For example, maybe you want your high-class companion to be a teacher and you the naughty student? Or perhaps you want to be a patient being looked after by a naughty nurse? Anything is possible with role play. 


Many fantasies come under the taboo umbrella. This could include any kind of fetish, for example, if the idea of your companion wearing latex thigh high boots drives you wild. Perhaps you fetishize a particular body part like feet? A taboo fantasy often feels naughty because it is frowned upon in the outside world, but there are many ways to explore a fetish as a fantasy. 


Power play at its finest, bondage is a popular fantasy that you can explore with a companion. Ways to find out if bondage is for you is to experiment with light spanking and whipping. This way, you can see what aspects of bondage turn you on. 

What is your favourite fantasies to try with an escort? 

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