The Best Around the World Cruises for you and your Travel Companion

Going on holiday with your travel escort is a special experience, no matter where you go.

But why not go the extra (thousand) miles and go on the ultimate holiday? It is really the best way to see the world all in one go and create an endless list of memories and bucket list experiences together.

Knowing which cruises to choose is the next task, with so many amazing options out there all offering varieties of delights. We’ve picked out some of the best romantic cruises for ‘couples’ who want to see the world and experience an exciting connection at the same time.

Epic Empires & Idyllic Isles

Travelling from Miami to Rome in 105 days of luxurious adventure, this cruise takes in all kinds of natural and man-made wonders, including the Panama Canal, the Rose City of Petra, the fjords of New Zealand and the Australian Outback. You’ll spend much of your time together on the stylish cruise ship crossing the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, getting to see the kind of sights it would take a hundred normal holidays to see.

Navigate the World

Going from one coast of America to the other is a classic road trip, but not if you travel in the other direction, which is exactly what this cruise does. You’ll start out in Los Angeles but then head west to sea, taking in the exotic islands of Hawaii, Bora Bora, Tahiti and Fiji and it only gets more exotic from there. Hand in hand, you’ll get to experience tasters of life in Australia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, the UAE, Egypt and many more across 132 days of flavor, excitement, music and love.

Ultimate World Cruise

If you’re going to do a world cruise, why not REALLY go for it? Why not take a real break from your normal lives and really get to know each other – and the world – on a cruise that takes you away from reality for a whole eight months? The Ultimate World Cruise is the aptly-named 245 day voyage that tops them all, starting out in London before heading up to Norway, Iceland, Greenland and eventually Canada, offering stunning natural scenery all round. 

From there on it’s the USA, South America, New Zealand, Australia, China, India, Egypt, Spain and so much more. You really will have seen the world together and what’s more memorable than that?

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