Why Men Love Blue Eyed Escorts 

Eyes are, of course, central to attraction.

While other parts of a woman’s anatomy are always sexualised, the connection between sexual chemistry and eye contact cannot be denied. After all, when eyes meet, sparks fly. But what part does eye colour have to play? Let’s explore the magnetism of blue-eyed women and why men adore model escorts with blue eyes so much. 

Blue Eyes Are Beyond Beautiful 

Unlike brown eyes that are the most common eye colour, blue eyes are, in contrast, scarce. In fact, only 8 percent of the population has them. Therefore, rare things are automatically more in demand and sought after. This explains the fascination that many men have with blue-eyed women. Blue eyes are beautiful to behold, and it’s no surprise that when you lock eyes with any of our blue-eyed escorts, you will become mesmerised. Of course, eye colour is a personal preference, but it is common for men to be instantly attracted to women with lighter coloured eyes. 

Blue-Eyed Girls Appear Angelic 

What do you think of when you conjure up images of a beautiful woman with blue eyes? It’s natural to make connections with this eye colour and particular personality traits. For example, blue eyes are synonymous with innocence, especially when paired with blonde hair. This combination is usually highly coveted, but blue eyes with brunette hair or red hair can be just as thrilling and exciting as rarer. 

However, while blue eyes are synonymous with angelic women and innocence, this doesn’t mean they don’t have sex appeal. Whether your chosen blue-eyed escort has classic blonde hair or is a sultry brunette, they may look angelic, but they can’t wait to show you their naughty side. 

Blue Eyes Equal Sexuality 

Another reason that men are instantly attracted to women with blue eyes is that this attribute links to fertility. This is, of course, an attractive concept to any man as it makes them think about sex. When you look back through history, there were many blonde bombshells with blue eyes. So, it’s no surprise that we associate blue-eyed women with wild sexual fantasies. Our escorts can’t wait to bring them to life. 

What’s your personal preference? Do you think that blue eyes are the sexiest eye colour out there? Then, book a stunning blue-eyed escort today. 

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