How to Explore Erogenous Zones

Did you know that the secret to maximising pleasure in the bedroom lies in identifying your erogenous zones?

If you haven’t heard of these, erogenous zones are the pleasure points in various places on our body. You probably can name some obvious ones instantly, but did you know that 14 erogenous zones are sensitive to touch? Let’s highlight the less obvious ones and learn how to explore them in a way that promises to take foreplay to the next level. 

Explore Your Body 

During an escort encounter, the most obvious erogenous zones will be stimulated when your adventure starts to heat up. We’re talking about genital areas, nipples and, of course, lips. However, if you want to add an extra layer of pleasure to your experience, you can explore the less obvious zones with your high-class escort and turn the heat up. Steamy encounters are all about getting to know your body and what turns you on, so it’s the perfect opportunity to experiment. 

Erogenous Zones from Head to Toe

Start with the neck. The slightest touch can send your pulse racing, so start by letting your companion lightly trace their fingertips up and down your neck, which could lead to kissing or even gently biting. Earlobes are also a hugely sexual part of the anatomy. While kissing your companion, get her to trace the outer edge of your earlobe and prepare for fireworks. Whispering dirty talk in your ear is another huge turn-on, especially if you like your escort to be vocal. 

Full Body Pleasure 

Let’s move on to the lesser-known erogenous zones that can help you spice up your encounter. The wrist and the back of the knee are extremely sensitive to touch and can have your pleasure sensors firing on all cylinders. The lightest touch in these areas will get you hot under the collar. Then there’s the hip crease that, when lightly touched, can set off pleasure sensors throughout your body. Ankles are also fairly sensitive to touch, as are the soles of your feet. 

Of course, every person is different, and what is enjoyable will differ from one person to the next. Everyone has their own comfort zones but exploring your erogenous zones is often the first step to boosting your pleasure levels in each encounter. 

Are you ready to explore? 

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