Dinner Date in Singapore: The Best Spots

Singapore has so much to offer for men and their companions, packed full of sights and experiences that are best enjoyed hand-in-hand with someone you fancy.

And, like every city in the world, there are also many wonderful places to enjoy a romantic dinner date when night falls. With its mix of cultural and architectural influences from its chequered history, Singapore is a fascinatingly diverse holiday destination and that’s reflected in the options it offers for dining, so here are the best spots for a dinner date in Singapore .

The Summerhouse

As the name suggests, this restaurant offers a botanical twist on your usual night out, as you have the choice of eating in the main room in a colonial bungalow or heading out into the garden in an air-conditioned dome for a classy picnic with a difference. A word of warning, you need to spend at least $300 for a dome, so if there’s only two of you, you’ll need to bring your appetites and a good credit card.

Birds of a Feather

If you’re in the Chinatown district, there’s no better place to flock together than Birds of a Feather. Inspired by Chinese teahouses, it’s a lush and green setting that will make you feel right at home and cosy, while the menu offers unique twists on Western standards that will blow you away.

The Great Mischief

What’s romance without a bit of mischief? You can find it in the lobby of The Great Madras hotel, which has a playful and quirky style to its decor, with Catalan-inspired tapas food that you can sample and share together on a relaxing and fun night out together.

The Ottomani

If you’re more interested in opulence and glamour than quirky laid-back dinner date in Singapore, then The Ottomani is where you need to head. Hidden behind The Fat Prince, it’s a restaurant with a Middle Eastern-theme where you’ll feel like princes and princesses and possibly fat ones by the time you’ve tried some of the incredible dishes on offer and sprawled out on the plush sofas.

Potato Head Folk

Don’t be put off by its bizarre name, this is one of the best places for any couple to share a romantic meal. Never mind fancy eating, you can grab a tasty and creative burger in the quirky downstairs area, before heading up to the rooftop bar to look out across the city with tiki drinks in hand.

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