Cosy Cocktail Bars in Paris

Everyone knows that Paris is the most romantic city on Earth and an obvious destination to visit with an elite escort.

Everyone also knows the obvious tourist destinations in Paris, from smooching on the Eiffel Tower to strolling hand in hand through Montmartre enjoying the culture. But how about when the evening comes, and you want to relax in style? Here are some cosy cocktail bars in Paris that you and your special friend can spend a nice evening enjoying nice drinks and each other’s company.

Andy Wahloo

With a domestic Moroccan vibe, an abundance of candles and a quaint tree-lined courtyard, this bar in the Marais is a delightful find for any duo fond of creative cocktails and a quirky, kitschy atmosphere.


If you’re looking for more of a Prohibition feel, the aptly-named Moonshiner might be the place to go, especially given that it has a hidden entrance, like a proper speakeasy would have done.

Not many sexy nights start by going through a secret door behind a fridge in a pizzeria, but once you’ve arrived in the bar with its modern twist 20s America, you’ll realise you’re in for a special night.

Perchoir du Marais

In romantic movies, every date in Paris takes place with an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower, but real life isn’t like that. Most of the time you’re there, you won’t have that cinematic backdrop unless you are at this rooftop bar above a department store, which has a cosy, romantic ambience to match the incredible views, helping you star in your very own love story, whether chilling out in the sunshine in the afternoon or looking out at the twinkling lights of the city at night.

Très Honoré

When it comes to finding the right atmosphere for a cosy evening in a cocktail bar with your Paris escort, Les Très Honoré has a lot to recommend it. The restaurant on the ground floor has a classy 1920s vibe if you want a bite to eat in style, but the real joy comes downstairs. The basement bar has a delightfully seductive and theatrical feel with antique lamps, red velour corner sofas, black lacquered walls and plump armchairs to settle into. It can get busy at weekends, but a weekday evening is a perfect time to visit.

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