How to Choose an Escort Agency to Work With 

It’s no secret that joining an escort agency has huge benefits but how do you know which agency is the right one for you to work as an escort?

Joining an agency means you can save money and time when advertising your services and finding clients is a breeze. Whether you have previously worked independently and want to take advantage of these benefits or you are starting your career and prefer the safety and peace of mind that an agency offers, here are some tips on choosing the perfect escort agency. 

A Professional Appearance 

You can tell a lot about the professionalism of an escort agency by doing your research online. A high-quality escort agency will have a visually appealing website, a portfolio of high-end escorts, social media accounts and they will be completely transparent about their casting process. 

Safety Practices 

The number one priority when choosing an agency to work with is safety. The nature of escort work brings a number of safety issues to the surface and as a result, this should be the first thing to consider when choosing an agency. Every escort agency is different but choosing one that employs the very best safety practices is paramount. Choose an agency that screens potential clients before they can use the services.


Escorting is an art and not everyone is naturally born with the skills needed to become a successful high-end escort. However, picking the right agency can also be the key to your success as the best agencies recognize that success can be taught and will provide you with extensive training to grow your skillset. As long as you have the motivation to learn, a good agency can hone your skills and show you how to succeed in a saturated industry. When browsing the hundreds of escorting agencies, take note of those that offer bespoke training services and watch your earning potential skyrocket. 

Privacy and Promotion 

Obviously, as an escort keeping your identity protected is a priority and a good escort agency will offer discretion while promoting your services to high-end clients. Look at the model profiles to get a good indication of how an agency can support you and offer the perfect balance of privacy and promotion. When you join a reputable agency you will be given an alias and an online profile that is professionally written to support your career. You will not only be taken to the most enviable locations for photo-shoots but your profile images will be shot by professionals who will capture your best angles. 

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