Brunettes VS Blondes

Appearances are one of the biggest factors to consider when choosing an escort to spend some one-on-one time with and for some men brunettes have the wow factor while others prefer to get steamy with a blonde.

Join us as we explore the brunette vs blonde rivalry and discover the attraction that both possess. 

Why Blondes are in Demand 

The facts show that over 80% of the population has dark hair and therefore blonde escorts are rarer and therefore highly coveted. The appeal that platinum blonde locks have is that they are simply less common and therefore often sought after like a precious gem. Blondes tend to naturally stand out in a crowd because their bright coloured hair turns heads and men love that when they have a hot blonde on their arm, every eye in the room will be on them and other men will envy him. Blondes are known for being fun and outgoing, the saying blondes have more fun suggests that women with lighter hair will be the life and soul of the party. Bubbly blonde escorts are vivacious, confident, sexy and cute and therefore it’s not a surprise that they are adored by men. 

Why Brunettes are Super Sexy 

Brunettes have a reputation for being intellectual and this is just as much of a turn on as beauty and a toned physique. Educated men covet a woman that is on his level intellectually and this is just one of the reasons that men find brunettes instantly attractive on sight. For some, dark hair is synonymous with elegance, class and sexuality that is on the subtler side. A brunette’s beauty is often not as in your face as a blonde’s but there is something about dark features that drive a man wild. Lastly, there is something exotic about brunettes that men find insanely sexy as men are often attracted to unique and different looks. 

Book a Blonde or a Brunette Escort Today 

So, is your preference a busty blonde or a simmering sexy brunette? Why not choose both? The biggest advantage of joining an elite escort agency is that you can choose a model that ticks all of your boxes aesthetically. You can also experiment with your preferences and challenge your natural attraction to brunettes and blondes. Whether you opt for a blonde or a brunette, satisfaction is always guaranteed when you book with us. 

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