Billionaire Lifestyle

Those who have billions in the bank live an extravagant lifestyle with their own private planes, superyachts and mansions.

If you want a taste of the billionaire lifestyle, here are a few things to put on your bucket list in 2017.

Big Boy Toys

One of the perks that come with having billions in the bank is the ability to buy all of the gadgets and gizmos a man could ever want. One of the biggest symbols of wealth is your mode of transport and the billionaire lifestyle comes with supercars, superyachts and private planes. When you have unlimited amounts of money, the world truly is your oyster when it comes to possessions. Richard Branson got tired of flash cars and yachts and instead bought his own spaceship. When you are a billionaire, there are no rules.

Billionaire Hotspots

So, if you had all of the money in the world, where would you choose to spend it? Glamourous holidays are all part and parcel of the billionaire lifestyle and billionaire status ensures you get to holiday away from the masses. So where do the rich and famous go to relax and unwind? Their very own private island of course. Billionaires can stay on their own private island and enjoy private firework displays, vintage champagne and their own butler. Fiji, the Maldives and the Bahamas are just a few of the places that billionaires can retreat to when they want to enjoy some luxury. Some prefer to rent out the penthouse of their favourite luxury hotel or a chalet in France. For glamour and excess, Monaco and Dubai are the places to be. St Barts draws in a flock of billionaires year after year thanks to its designer boutiques and celebrity clientele.

Extreme Extravagance

For a billionaire, luxury holidays and spectacular transport come as standard. Embracing the billionaire lifestyle is all about having the best of everything in all aspects of life. From the most exclusive clothing to eating in some of the world’s finest restaurants and taking advantage of the best interior designers, chefs, personal trainers and housekeepers, every last detail is cared for. Of course, beautiful women are a key aspect of the billionaire lifestyle and every rich man should have at least one stunning model by his side. Billionaires can have their pick of the most beautiful women and share their wealth with lovely companions.

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