The Best Hotels in Frankfurt to Visit with a High-Class Escort

Over 4m people visit Frankfurt annually to enjoy its architecture, culture, cuisine and the many attractions surrounding it in the Rhineland area.

It’s also a great place to stay if you’re a fan of luxury hotels, with its central location within mainland Europe. It also built up a reputation as the home of trade fairs and business conferences. This means there’s a whole host of hotels, but which ones are right for a steamy getaway with your Frankfurt escort? Here are the best hotels in Frankfurt for an encounter with a luxury escort. 

Hotel Gerbermühle

Boutique hotels are almost always a safe bet for couples looking for somewhere romantic to call their temporary home while exploring a new city. Hotel Gerbermühle certainly fits the bill, as it’s inspired by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who used to live in the building. Sitting right on the banks of the River Main, it has a great location, and exquisite attention has been paid to the decor in each room.

Villa Kennedy

Another hotel inspired by a former resident, the Villa Kennedy hotel, changed its name after a visit from President Kennedy in the 1960s. That indicates the calibre of guests that it has attracted and continues to attract as one of Frankfurt’s top hotels, even if it’s JFK whose photo adorns the walls. As well as luxury decor and top-quality service, Villa Kennedy has an award-winning Italian restaurant, meaning you don’t even have to leave to get a wonderful romantic meal.

25hours Hotel by Levi’s

Wait, a hotel by the jeans company? Yep, this stylish hotel is a shrine to denim. Every room in the place features at least some denim in the decor. This is an ideal place to stay, helped by its location right by the train station and the ability to hire bikes to explore the city. There are undoubtedly more luxurious hotels to stay in while in Frankfurt, but few are so fun.


The Roomers hotel is literally called Burlesque, even if that owes more to the style of design than what actually takes place there, and the rooms are equally sleek with an emphasis on shiny black surfaces and subtle lighting. It’s also closer to the affordable end of the scale than you might think. It’s the perfect place for a steamy night with a VIP escort. 

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