The Best Festivals to Visit with an Escort in Belgium

Culturally vibrant, it’s no surprise that some of the best and most famous festivals are hosted in Belgium.

Whether you are a fan of rock music or techno, gourmet chocolates or floral displays, you will find a festival that caters for you and a companion in our epic rundown of the best festivals to visit with a high-class escort in Belgium

Ghent Light Festival – January 

Embark on a mesmerising journey through a city transformed by the enchanting magic of light at the Light Festival, a captivating event that occurs every three years in January. Immerse yourself in a world where darkness gives way to dazzling displays of artistry and illumination, creating an atmosphere that is nothing short of extraordinary. Stroll hand in hand with your escort in Gent along the illuminated streets, marvelling at the intricate light sculptures and immersive installations that dot the landscape. The city becomes a playground of light, where every step offers a new discovery and a sense of wonder. From grand architectural projections to intimate light-filled spaces, the Light Festival showcases the power of illumination to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. The next Light Festival will be in 2024. 

Salon Du Chocolat – February 

Indulge your senses in a world of sweetness and creativity at the Salon Du Chocolat, Belgium’s chocolate festival held annually in February. Set in the vibrant city of Brussels, this festival is a haven for chocolate enthusiasts and offers a delightful experience for you and your Brussels escort companion. Immerse yourselves in the rich aroma of exquisite chocolates as you explore the festival grounds. Sample a wide variety of chocolate creations, ranging from traditional favourites to innovative and avant-garde flavours crafted by talented chocolatiers from around the world. But the Salon Du Chocolat isn’t just about tasting chocolate—it’s a celebration of the artistry and creativity behind this beloved treat. One of the festival’s highlights is the mesmerising chocolate fashion show, where edible masterpieces take centre stage.

Rock Werchter – June 

This award-winning festival sees the top Belgian rock bands take the stage, dating back to 1974. You can expect well-known bands and musicians to headline here, and it takes place over four days with four stages to enjoy. It is held annually, usually in June or July, and it is one of Belgium’s biggest festivals, hosting 88000 people each day. 

Based in Werchter, as the name suggests, you can stay in Brussels and get the train to the festival. This is a cheerful fun-filled festival, so we suggest staying in a luxury suite in Brussels after the festival has ended. 

Tomorrowland – July 

Perhaps Belgium’s most famous festival, this is an event not to be missed. Tomorrowland is an electrifying music festival that takes place annually in Flanders, Belgium, during July. It attracts a massive crowd of music enthusiasts from around the world who come together to celebrate the best of techno music. Tomorrowland has gained a well-deserved reputation as one of Belgium’s most iconic festivals with its captivating stages, mind-blowing visual effects, and world-class DJ lineup. The festival showcases an impressive array of talented artists, both established and emerging, who deliver unforgettable performances across various electronic music genres. From pulsating beats to melodic tunes, attendees are treated to a sensory experience like no other. The festival grounds are transformed into a vibrant and immersive wonderland, with awe-inspiring stage designs, dazzling light shows, and captivating decorations that create a magical atmosphere.

Flower Carpet Festival –August 

Another visually stunning festival is the Flower Carpet Festival. This festival in August is a true feast for the eyes, captivating visitors with its breathtaking display of vibrant colours and intricate floral designs. Each year, the festival adopts a unique theme, adding an element of surprise and creativity to the event. As you and your companion stroll hand in hand along the path leading to the Grand Palace, you will be mesmerised by the stunning transformation of the ground into a magnificent carpet of flowers. The meticulous arrangement of flowers creates awe-inspiring formations and patterns that seem to come alive under the warm summer sun. From geometric shapes to mesmerising motifs, the flower carpet becomes a masterpiece of artistry and craftsmanship. Take your time to appreciate each floral creation’s beauty and detail, immersing yourself in a world of fragrant blooms and natural elegance.

Which festival will you visit with an elite escort? 

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