The Best Beaches in Ibiza you can Access by Boat

Ibiza has a reputation as a party island but there’s so much more to the island than that.

There are so many incredible beaches to explore with your travel companion if you’re brave enough to look beyond the over-crowded commercial ones, as there’s nothing very sensual about spending time getting sand kicked in your faces or dodging beach balls. 

The secret to a really romantic beach is that it needs to be difficult to get to, otherwise any beautiful beach will inevitably be full of tourists. Luckily, Ibiza has plenty of stunning beaches that are only accessible by boat, because what could be more impressive than arriving at your own private beach in a boat? Here are some of the best beaches you can find.

Cala Mastella

The smallest beach on the island, tucked away in a delightful little cove, Cala Mastella is the perfect romantic location for you and your companion who want to get away from it all together. You can get to it by car, but with very few parking spaces, there’s no chance that it’s going to be busy, and the best way to get there is definitely by boat. You might even see the odd celebrity show up from their luxury yachts, but even without that, you’ll be too lost in the beautiful views (and each other) to care.


Who knew you could get to Atlantis by boat? You can find it in the Cala d’ Hort Nature Reserve in the islet of Es Vedrà and if you’re feeling athletic, you can get there by following a path, but it’s definitely not an easy romantic stroll. Come in by boat and you’ll get the best views of the rock formations and stunning clear blue waters. It’s not a beach for sunbathing, but you’ll have an incredible time exploring the pools together and being blown away by your surroundings.

Cala Olivera

Another secluded piece of paradise for you and your Ibiza escort to explore together, Cala Olivera is a delightful little cove that offers a cosy beach for snuggling up on a blanket as well as a crystal clear sea for paddling. You’ll definitely need to take a picnic as it’s so off the beaten track that there’s nowhere to get food. But what could be more fun?

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