The Adult Guide to Capri

If you are in the mood for an intimate getaway, Capri is the perfect place for an adult-only vacation.

But, if you want to discover the sexier side of Capri, we’ve put together the ultimate adults-only guide to help you and your Capri escort companion. So, get steamy in one of the most romantic spots on the Amalfi Coast. From secluded coves to stunning hotel suites, this guide has it all. 

An Isle for Pleasure Seekers 

Capri today is known as the island of love, but if you look back in time, it has a raunchy history. During Roman times, Emperor Tiberius owned several luxury mansions where he held hedonistic parties. It was here that all kinds of debauchery and endless orgies were celebrated. You can still see the ruins of these mansions located at Monte Tiberio. 

Secludes Caves 

With so much natural beauty to see in Capri, you can spend your days exploring it both on land and at sea. Mysterious caves are the biggest allure on the island, and you can explore them all with your travel companion. Take a trip up any of the mountains for a stunning view from the top and a glass of vino at one of the clifftop restaurants. Skip the guided tours, charter your own boat, and enjoy the secluded coves and features of the island, including the famous Faraglioni Rocks. 

Accommodation Designed for Romance 

Capri is popular for honeymooners so it makes sense that there is a plethora of adult only hotel options. 

Check in to J.K Place, where you can enjoy the outdoor pool with striking views over Naples Bay. The port is only a five-minute walk from your hotel. Moreover, you also have the choice to dine in the hotel restaurant and enjoy a bottle of wine in your very own hot tub. Did we mention the suites have satin sheets? It doesn’t get much sexier than that. Opt for room number 22, and you can enjoy an ocean view from your bathtub. 

For something with a decadent and luxury feel but maximum sex appeal, enjoy state of the art spa treatments and skinny dipping after dark in your own private pool with your companion at the Capri Palace hotel. Book into the Paltrow Penthouse Suite and enjoy your own pool set in its own Mediterranean garden. 

Give in to your darkest desires in Capri. 

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