Six Things All Elite Escorts Have in Common 

Every one of the elite escorts we hire is stunningly unique, but to pass our rigorous interview process, they have to embody a few key characteristics for us to know they to excel at their jobs.

So while every elite escort looks different, they usually have these six things in common. 

Self Confidence

Of course, a great diet and a strict exercise plan will ensure that an elite escort is visually pleasing, but it’s the self-confidence that ensures they exude sex appeal and charisma. Our escorts love to dress up in sexy lingerie for you, and they love to take it off even more. This requires a high level of self-confidence, something our elite escorts have in excess. 


It takes a huge amount of discipline to be the very best you can physically and mentally. Our high-end escorts work tirelessly to ensure they look their best, from eating well to exercise regimes and personal grooming routines. This takes discipline, and it’s what sets a standard escort apart from an elite one. 


Behind their love of the industry, you’ll find the pure, unadulterated drive. For many, escorting is a portal to financial independence and freedom. Their work is linked directly to supporting themselves and creating the lifestyle they want. While an escort job is unconventional, you will find the women who choose this career are driven, ambitious and dedicated. 

Classy Elite escorts

Elite escorts are often the crème de la crème when it comes to hiring a companion, and one thing each of our escort models possesses is class. We know you want a classy companion on your arm whether you are going to the best restaurant in town or travelling to an exotic destination. That is to say; you can be sure that when you book an escort with us, they are oozing with class. 

Sensual Experience 

All of our girls are extremely talented behind closed doors, and when you book an escort encounter, you can rest assured that the companion you are spending time with is incredibly skilled. They know moves you’ve only dreamed of and can help you broaden your horizons. Plus, there isn’t anything they haven’t tried so that you won’t surprise or shock them. 

Physical Beauty 

Yes, while all of our elite escorts have unique personalities and interests, one thing they all have in common is beauty. Silky hair, soft skin, long legs, a pert bottom, beautiful breasts, sultry eyes and a tiny waist. You can be sure that our beautiful escorts will astound you with their looks. 

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