5 Tips to Stay Fit While Staying Home 

Involuntary isolation means that many of us can’t access our favourite fitness facilities and as a result, your exercise levels and motivation to stay fit is waning.

However, just because we have to stay at home doesn’t mean your health and fitness goals have to suffer. Here are five fitness tips to take advantage of during lockdown. 

Set a Step Goal 

Walking is something that people of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy and while walking outside may be off-limits at this time, you can still get those steps in. If you still have the luxury of leaving your home to exercise, take advantage of this time to walk around the block, but if you don’t, you can utilize your garden or stairs to make sure you keep your step count elevated. Download an App to track your steps per day and set yourself a 5000 step goal and increase it every week. 

Take Your Workouts Online 

You might not be able to get to your usual gym classes, but you can find hundreds of free online workouts that you can do in your living room. From 15 minute HIIT sessions to yoga and cardio sessions, you can get a sweat on and burn calories without leaving your house. 

Learn a New Form of Fitness 

While this period is unpredictable, there are lots of positives you can take from confinement and one of these is using your extra time to explore new fitness techniques. From running to pilates, is there a certain type of fitness you have always wanted to master? Now is the time!

Invest in Fitness Equipment 

The key to being consistent when it comes to health and fitness is to mix things up and keep it interesting. Some new fitness equipment that you can use at home can encourage you to get moving. A kettlebell, a skipping rope, dumbbells or resistance bands, these items can spice up your home workouts and give you the motivation to keep burning calories and stay active. 

Track Your Progress 

Progress can be a hugely motivating factor when it comes to staying fit at home. You can track your progress in a number of ways from writing down your sessions in a journal to documenting your workouts on social media. Why not set up a fitness-related Instagram account and create a fitness community of your own and inspire others with your fitness regime? 

How are you staying fit at home? 

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