5 Ways to Become a Better Lover 

If you are wondering how to improve your intimate life and become a better lover, we have 5 top tips on how you can proactively step up your game.

These five tips will make you better behind closed doors.

Learn the Erogenous Zones 

The body has several pleasure zones that, when stimulated, can really enhance every sensual experience. Some of these zones are obvious, but some may surprise you. Taking time to learn the location of these erogenous zones and how to pay them attention will make you a better lover. Some zones you may not have considered are the nape of the neck, the earlobes, the feet, palm of the hands and small of the back. 

Don’t Rush 

We understand the temptation to skip to the good part; after all, being intimate is a mesmerising experience. That being said, take your time, and you might find the whole experience is twice as nice. Ask your escort how you can prolong the experience so that the climax is all the more rewarding. To prolong the foreplay stage, you could enjoy a striptease and really enjoy the run-up. Pay every part of her attention and let your beautiful companion do the same, explore your bodies, and you will be surprised about what you learn. 

Start with the Basics

You may want to spice up your life with bondage and role play. However, often it is the simplest things that are the most pleasurable. In order to be a better lover, start with the basics rather than jumping in the deep end. Encounters with an escort are the perfect place to learn. You can ask any questions you have always wanted to know about female pleasure and there will be no judgement. 

Don’t Worry 

It’s natural to be conscious about your performance but worrying about things that may or may not happen is one way to dampen the experience for the both of you. Try to be in the moment and not let insecurities or worries get in the way of the experience.  

Ask for Feedback 

Do you really want to know how you can be a better lover? All you have to do is ask. Our escorts are experienced and honest and will give you expert tips on becoming a better lover. 

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