4 Things to Expect from Every Escort Encounter 

Booking a high-class escort for the first time can be daunting.

However, knowing what to expect can help ease those nerves. Here are four positive things you can expect every time you book an encounter with us. 

A Relaxed Environment 

We are aware that you may experience nerves if you meet with an escort for the first time or when booking an encounter with an escort you haven’t previously seen. However, one thing you can expect with every escort experience with us is a relaxed environment. Our high-end companions go out of their way to make you feel at ease from the moment they break the ice to later in the evening when things heat up. 

Impeccable Hygiene 

Yes, personal grooming is high up on our escorts’ list of priorities. We, of course, expect the same from you in return. All of our escorts have regular health checks, and they take hygiene seriously. They also make sure they smell amazing for you. Did you know that putting perfume on your pulse points ensures it mingles with your natural aromas to create pheromones? This means the hotter you get, the more irresistible you smell? Our escorts do. 

Elite Entertainment 

However you choose to spend your time with an escort, one thing is for sure, you will have fun. Whether that’s a romantic dinner for two, a lavish hotel stay or a luxurious travel experience, you will find yourself enjoying every moment to the full. Our escorts are skilled conversationalists. While intimacy is a huge part of the experiment, you will enjoy all aspects of the experience. 


Of course, one thing every escort encounter has in common is pleasure. Health is, of course, a big priority. We take protection very seriously. It won’t just be safe though, it will be spectacular. We are sure that we will blow your mind every time. Whatever you are in to, our escorts can help you explore old and new fantasies, allowing you to free your desires in a scintillating setting. 

Whichever escort you choose, you can rely on us for a relaxed environment, impeccable hygiene, entertainment and spectacular sex. Which escort will you choose for your next encounter? Browse our gallery here and get in touch today. 

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