24 Hours in Prague with a Companion

If you want excitement, romance and adult entertainment, Prague is hard to beat.

With its picturesque architecture and culture filled nooks and crannies, there is something to please every preference. If you have 24 hours to kill in Prague, read on to discover how to fill your time with a VIP escort. 

The House of the Black Madonna 

The best place to start your trip is with a coffee and a bite to eat at the famous House of the Black Madonna, where you’ll can get to know your Prague companion at the iconic Orient Coffee House. This building is known for its impressive cubist façade. This stunning café is the perfect place to break the ice, don’t forget to marvel at the statue that gives the building its name before you exit. 

Explore the Epic Strahov Monastery

As well as being a party town, Prague is packed with history, so wandering through the baroque courtyard and catch a delightful glimpse of the 18th century library. There’s also Petrín Hill and Lookout Tower to discover which is truly breathtaking. 

Visit The Estates Theatre 

After a quick stroll, why not head over to the Estates Theatre, where you can see the location where Mozart once conducted Don Giovanni. This is one of the oldest European theatres and you can tour the building or book a ballet, opera or a drama performance. 

Dine and Drink at The Jazz Boat 

Next up, for an ambient evening you can visit the floating Jazz club which is delightfully unique. Set on the scenic Prague waterfront, its location offers amazing views across the city. You can enjoy dinner with a side of blues and Latin jazz. 

Explore the enchanting blend of romance and music in our comprehensive guide to Prague’s jazz scene with a luxury escort here.

Check in to the Augustine 

After an exhilarating day, where better to relax and unwind in a luxurious hotel suite with your stunning companion by your side? This elite hotel is home to the city’s only Turkish Hammam and the only bar in the world that serves St Thomas’s Beer that was brewed by monks back in 1352. The Augustine hotel is within walking distance of the Charles Bridge should you fancy a romantic walk. Book the Tower Suite with its unbeatable 360 panoramic views of Prague and have a night you won’t forget. 

Are you ready for your whirlwind trip to Prague? Our elite Prague escorts can’t wait to spice up your visit. Book your dream date today! 

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