The Dinner Date

There are many ways to get to know your sexy companion but a dinner date is an ideal way to break the ice. Fine wine, decadent food and an intimate atmosphere are just a few of the benefits of this setting. With this in mind, here are the do’s and dont’s of dinner date etiquette.

Choose a Venue

When it comes to a successful dinner date with an escort, impeccable table manners will only get you so far. Your choice of restaurant speaks volumes about you so be sure to make the right choice. The type of cuisine often is the key to a perfect evening. For example, French cuisine is opulent and exotic but the menus can often be too fussy and you may find yourself paying more attention to the menu than your date. Chinese and asian restaurants are often overcrowded and you may find your experienced to be rushed. Sushi is adventurous enough to add excitement to any dinner date and has that casual let’s get to know each other feel. Italian restaurants are laid back yet charming and are a superb option for a first date venue. Reserve a specific table in prime position and your elite companion can’t fail to be impressed.

Look the Part

The first step to mastering the art of the dinner date is dressing for the occasion. How formal you choose to go when it comes to picking out the perfect outfit will depend on your choice of venue but as a rule of thumb, you should always wear a jacket. A tailored blazer can add a touch of sophistication to your attire and ensure you look smart. Pair your jacket with a smart pair of jeans or chinos and complete the look with a pair of dress shoes.

Be a Gentleman

Whatever you do, it is essential to behave like a gentleman throughout. Open doors for your companion, let her walk to the table before you and offer to take her coat. Allow her to order first. Tip generously and be polite from start to finish.

Enjoy Dessert

Don’t attempt to rush a dinner date. Take your time when deciding on your starters and main courses and discuss the cuisine with your companion. What people choose from a menu can be quite revealing. If your companion wants dessert, don’t be in a hurry to order the bill. You never know, if you and your companion have got to know each other during your dinner date, she may want to skip dessert and invite you to enjoy a delicious treat back at your hotel suite.

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