Age: Early 20's / Height: 1.66m / Dress Size: S / Lingerie: B / Eyes: Blue / Occupation: Student / Languages: English, French

A beautiful business-minded escort with a body to die for…

Rose is a sexy, sultry redhead escort whose stunning looks are only equalled by her intellect. If you find yourself in need of some company, this fun model can provide you with an evening that is mutually memorable. 

Calm, Collected and Cultured
Caring yet fun, an educated, polite gentleman that can stimulate her mind, as well as her body, is an ideal match. Do you fit the bill? Rose loves to experience new things so when you choose her as a companion, you can guarantee that there won’t be a dull moment. 

Loyal, Lithe and a Good Listener
Her positivity and happy-go-lucky personality is intoxicating and you will soon find yourself enthralled with her life experience. For her, the perfect evening involves a few culinary delights in the finest French restaurant complemented by the finest Gin and Tonic. Her thirst for culture and education is balanced with a spontaneous demeanour that makes every encounter unpredictable. She has a degree in Business and she loves to enthral you with her knowledge, but she also takes great pleasure listening to the stories you have to tell. 

Beauty and Brains Combined
Rose’s passions range from history and art to business and fashion, so if you love to be engrossed in intellectual conversations, Rose is the perfect match. This elite escort has an air of innocence about her, but she is far from naive. Rose knows how to dress her body to tantalise you and she loves to dress up in luxury lingerie to show off her best assets. Her silky skin and dreamy eyes are a killer combination and she enjoys nothing more than being a seductress for the evening. 

The Deepest Desires Become a Reality with Rose
Supple and sexy, Rose tones her beautiful body with weekly ballet classes and yoga sessions. When she’s not in a yoga studio or practising her plies, she is putting on her skis and hitting the slopes. With boundless energy and bendy limbs, it’s no surprise she’s a firecracker in the bedroom.  

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