Enjoy the City

A trip to Gent is always a pleasurable experience and to ensure you get the most out of your trip, our news section will inspire you to squeeze the maximum amount of enjoyment out of your stay. From the quirkiest wine bars to the most breath-taking architectural spots, read on to discover the medieval city of Gent.

Sexy Guide

If you want to see the sights, your escort can accompany you to enchanting castles to learn about the city’s impressive history or stroll with you around Kouter, Gent’s grandest square. If Period Architecture and charming churches are on your list of things to see in the city, our high-class escorts are the perfect companions.

You will love taking your VIP escort to the superb art museums in the city – STAM the Ghent City Museum, the Design museum Gent, MIAT, Museum about Industry, Labour and Textile, The World of Kina: the Garden, and the Museum for the History of Sciences. After soaking up all that culture you will have worked up quite the appetite.

Culinary Delights

One of the highlights of Gent is the culinary scene and one of the best ways to get acquainted with your high-class Gent escort is to spoil her with a dinner date. Gent is known for its sweet treats and but there is more to this magical city than beer and scrumptious Belgium waffles. When booking the ideal restaurant, we have a number of great suggestions. From delightful culinary experiences to a diverse music scene, there is no shortage of entertainment. Take a tip from the locals and dine out on oysters and champagne at the Blue Kiosk. Read our blog post to find more charming locations for your dinner date.

The Best Places to Spend the Night

Our high-end Gent escorts are used to experiencing the finer things in life and we’ve handpicked a selection of luxurious hotels so you can enjoy the city from an opulent base. From 5 star hotels to Michelin starred restaurants, Gent has so much to offer. After all of the excitement, retire to your luxurious hotel suite and enjoy an intimate encounter with your sexy travel companion. From cosy B & Bs to glamourous hotels, there are so many options. Gent is a fascinating destination and our high-class escorts can’t wait to discover it with you.

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